Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Online Circulating library for Bangalore, Pune & Mumbai

I was desperately looking for an online library to get back to my second love, Reading! After ages, I felt that something was lacking... something that I was missing... and for the lamest reasons! So I decided to find a solution & hence surfed on the Net god, Google.. Guess what, I was lucky and found something really interesting, and I am sure it will be useful for all the book-lovers in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai!For all those who pursue reading as their hobby and need a good place to regularly get their hand's on the latest and not so latest books :).. especially who live in the net savvy Bangalore or Pune and rocking Mumbai, is an excellent way to keep your hobby going.
They are an extremely reasonable & a great option for the hard or smart working geeks in the above mentioned cities. Personally I have not enrolled yet, but will be enrolling soon & will post an update about my opinion on their service here. Apparently, They home deliver your choice of books within 24 hours, you can keep the book as long as you like with no penalty (which is a boon for freaks like me, as I can never ever finish a book in time... why?? :P Good Question! Although I love reading, higher priority stuff will always barge their way through my schedule & use up all my time :P ) & They have a pretty good collection too I must say!

So folks, if you are looking for someplace which can provide you good stuff to read at reasonable price and libraries are always a boon :) ... do check this site out,

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