Friday, January 29, 2010

Money... Saving's ... & Me!

Day before yesterday, post lunch, I and 3 of my fav colleagues, decided to take a walk around the lush green, serene office campus as we vacated the cafeteria well before time. :) As usual, we are experts at discussing everything under the sun, In JD's terms, " Though I am unmarried and don't have any kids, I keep giving funda's to people on these topics, I wonder what will happen to me, the day I actually get married and have kids... who will be giving me funda's ?? :D"

So here we were discussing about our work, job profile and our all time favorite topic... MONEY!! When we started discussing that we have some decent no. of yrs work ex and not a single penny as saving and were amused at how people around us had saved up so much and even got married! The facts were actually astonishing & I guess, I have been the biggest jerk around :) undoubtedly.

"Where does the salary go???", was sri's question.. and we all were wondering that are we truely basking on a very exotic & lavish lifestyle? Well the answer was certainly not! To be honest, I know the reasons for my expenditure and barely any saving, but is that an excuse that I am giving myself?? In that case, it's high time that I did some retrospection and caught a hold on the situation. 

 I follow a blog quite closely, , which is always full of good, interesting well-versed stuff that any entrepreneur should be aware off. Although I show no signs of a capable entrepreneur, knowledge always comes in handy :)... accidentally happened to read this fascinating article on Freelancing by Ali Hale and decided to view his blog which speaks about getting more out of life. For a day-dreamer like me, I thought it would be fun to read someone's thoughts/opinion and see how much I can relate to it.  Ali Ventures was an amalgamation of my four years of engg. hostel, knowledge sharing sessions in some or the other room :) but there was one article which caught my eye.. More for your Money . It's an e-book written by Ali on how to practically make an effort on monitoring savings and where is the money going?

In my opinion, she has blended her thoughts well and suggested some good, practical methods to make a difference in your monthly budgets but this is for the beginners (i.e. people who have recently started getting the feel of the currency and their hand's are always twitching to grab some new stuff) . What I liked best? "Don’t fall into the trap of spending a lot of time to save a little money"... I think this is something I should remember. Anyway, it's a good read for all and hence, I decided to share it.

Hope this helps some one, some where :)



  1. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the links! Glad you enjoyed More for Your Money -- it was a fun little ebook to write -- hope your readers enjoy it too!

    By the way -- it's probably not that obvious from the guest post or my name, but I'm actually a gal (Ali is short for Alison). Yeah, it catches a lot of folks out, just thought I should mention it! ;-)

    Good luck with your savings and your financial goals: have you come across the excellent blog The Simple Dollar? I know I mention it in the ebook, but wanted to put it here too as it's a great source of advice.

  2. Oh! I am extremely sorry Alison for the gender misjudgment.. :)
    Yes! I have surfed through the Simple dollar site. I do recommend readers to glance through it as its a great source for investment advice.