Friday, March 13, 2009

Writer Invented :P

"When I was young, I 'd listen to the radioooo... waiting for my favorite song...
When they played I sing along, it made me smileeee..."

Humming these lines to myself, I inaugurate and bless this world of blogger's with my first blog :). Though I am not all prepared for this today, but I am sure I am all set to pen down all my experiences and incidents here, and have some fun with you guys by sharing all that I have ;)....
Some of my friends who have been blogging for years are extremely good at it & taking them as an inspiration, here I am:). They are really expressive and good at spinning the words & as expected, I possess none of those qualities, but that's the reason why I am here, to pull a feather from my heart and let you grab it. Take care & C U soon ;)

1 comment:

  1. hey I am so excited to see ur blog! I always thought you are artistic and creative lets c with words...Welcome to Blogosphere :D

    Ramya :)