Monday, March 16, 2009

Innovative gifting Ideas....An Expression of Love...

When the word ‘GIFT’ is mentioned, there is always a colorful image envisaged by all of us which brings a smile on every face, young or old. We don’t care what it costs or why is it given, but just the thought of it gets us excited and curious of what is it going to be. All my life, when ever I have been complimented, I have always adored the fact that the precious thing that I am getting complimented for, is a gift from someone; Someone who actually put his/her grey cells to work and thoughtfully picked up something which I would like and would make my day special. On the other side, I have also had the jitters whenever I get something for someone & keep hoping that hopefully my efforts don’t go into vain. To come to think of it, most of the times I have been successful, but there is always room for improvement and innovation has no bounds. I have seen, way too many people struggling to think and put in their heartfelt emotions into the gift that they are giving. There are some really smart ones (business oriented), who have actually been able to en-cash on the less imaginative and “bijee” guys who try hitting a balance between their work & personal life. But I am not here for that! I just thought it will be a good thing to share some of my thought provoking ideas which are unisexual & may be you guys can add to the list.
So let’s see, what we have in store. Mind you, I am gonna try and keep the budget as low as possible ;) as the recession may pinch people’s pocket :), so here we go:

  • Customize anything & it conveys it all; this is one of the reasons why the market has suddenly seen an outburst in various kinds of products. It could be t-shirts, mugs, calendars, small book (tastefully done stuff with the person’s personal life engraved i.e. friends, family, work etc). You can just pick up a plain t-shirt and paint it yourself with colors and glitters or just get a bag and accessorize it with bells and ribbons and some embroidery. It works :)
  • Hand made stuff. They are something which never go outta fashion. Basic things like cards to hand made paper albums, bags, embossed diaries, key chains, hankies with letter’s of their name done on it, earrings, rings or junk jewelry for men & women who fancy them. I remember when I was in school, a very close friend of mine took alotta pain in stitching a top for me, though it was not my size, I always loved it and wore it proudly for 4 years, till it wore out & finally had to be packed and placed back in my trunk.
  • Getting a sketch done, hmmm, interesting! Gone are the days when getting a name written on the rice grain was considered the most innovative way to make someone feel special. Here is the electronic era, where within 3 mins u have a sketch ready with unmatched perfection and in various styles :P
  • Board games. Trust me! a great way to throw a party. Call on a few friends, drinks (choice is all ur’s :P ), foooood and a board game. You will never forget the get-to. There are various kinds of stuff available in the market, like the Monopoly, Scrabble, Card games like the poker etc.
  • A beautiful pair of gold fish in a small round shaped Aquarium is a heart winning gift any day. Although! It’s very important to analyze and see if the owner will be able to look after the tender lives.
  • Go Green buddy! :) Gift someone a plant, ones which do not need too much of attention and can survive the changing weather comfortably. When it grows in front of ur eyes, it makes anyone feel good :)
  • Multipurpose survival kit. A must for a lot of people. Hey don’t get me wrong, this is the kit which contains the small pen knife, bottle opener, nail filer, screw-driver etc. This is a really helpful kit for those who travel a lot :), and some day if they get into trouble, they would be thankful to you :D
  • A picnic basket with loads of handpicked goodies or may be a really well decorated basket with the person’s favorite wafers, cookies, snacks and drinks.
  • Here I think I can get a bit biased based on the gender. For guys, a Cricket bat or a basketball is an ever cherished possession and a stuff toy or a vanity case can always be a great option for a gal. Though I wouldn’t like to segregate it this way as a basketball and a stuff toy, both are my fav’s :P
  • Last but never the least, a home baked cake with (if possible) an edible form of a memorable and cherished photograph on it.
  • On popular demand, I am adding a few of the suggestions given :), small antiques which are inexpensive but have a meaning to convey.
  • Hand Crafted flower vase
Well that’s my take on gifts :) but If you have ideas, do drop me a line, I would love to add it to the list. Now let me hit the bed people!! I shouldn’t be ignoring a few unforgettable facts that in this era of rising unemployment, I still have a wonderful job :) So good night, sayonara :D

PS: watch out for my next post on an unending journey that I had started way back in 1980’s :)


  1. Pavs, i luvd ur blog !! Was a fun read ..
    U hv gr88 ideas in ur brain definetely pick up one among these ..hehehe..
    U hv presented it very well,Wonderful writing !!
    Great Going Gal!!!
    Keep blogging !!

  2. Good start Pavs
    Nice ideas ...
    good luck for ur next one..

    Adding a girl ...i think a few flowers(same ones or a collection) with a teddy( even along with a chocolate) will be a good choice ( Actually i had added few plastic bugs also along with flowers ;) )

  3. good one....i have few thoughts too.. but lemme put it all together n let you know

  4. hey guys thanks for the appreciation :) means a lot to me, but i have a request, plz post your complete name as a footer, so that I can actually recognize you :) thanks